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DOSUNO Eyewear

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DOSUNO Eyewear, the Spain-based eyewear company, recently launched its operations in North America. The company brings its unique “2 frames in 1” product line to the US and Canadian markets. Each frame is designed to fit DOSUNO’s custom-made headband, which attaches to the back of the frame. The headband wraps around to the temples, which can rotate to 360° without breakage or any noticeable ‘wear and tear’.

DOSUNO is for fashion, sport, or streetwear, with an urban look and design in a multitude of colors that pop and get you noticed. Each frame is constructed from a flexible, durable material that provides great resistance to pressure and movement. When you wear a DOSUNO frame, you can easily switch from work to workout, from day to dinner, or whatever the mood or activity calls for.

The company is committed to using and creating environmentally-friendly products. Each frame is made with Siliflex, a flexible silicone material that is based on organic substances, water resistant, and non-toxic. DOSUNO uses only recyclable materials in their packaging, taking part in a commitment to environmental responsibility.

To learn more, visit the DOSUNO Eyewear website.