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Cover Girl

Cover Girl Ad

As a leader in the American cosmetic industry, COVERGIRL offers a collection of eyewear designed to bring trendy designs, stylish shapes and unique colours to women’s eyewear. Sophisticated, bold and easy to wear, COVERGIRL eyewear provides a fashionable look for women of all colours, shapes and sizes. Incorporating the brand’s beautiful makeup colour palette and philosophy to appeal to a diversity of women, the collection is designed to fit, look and feel amazing.

Innovative and cutting-edge design allows the COVERGIRL frame to be the perfect accessory to pair with their complete collection of makeup for the eyes and face, and as the makeup, COVERGIRL eyewear is accessible, affordable and of course, fashionable. Flirty and fun with intricate designs and fashion-forward features, COVERGIRL eyewear is the perfect frame to complement your personal style.