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BulgariThe name Bulgari is associated with Italian excellence, a rich history of reverence for art and architecture and a timeless sense of exquisite beauty. With its roots in Greek and Roman heritage, iconic features of the ancient art can be found in Bulgari’s creations. At the same time, Bulgari brings the past into the future with innovation, avant-garde craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Luxury at its finest, Bulgari eyewear embodies the brand adored by the world’s elite fashion lovers. Known for the use of brilliant colors and fine embellishments, Bulgari has created a collection of eyewear rich in style and beauty. Renown as crafters of the finest jewelry and watches, Bulgari offers the wearer a true timepiece for the eyes.

Classic yet modern at the same time, Bulgari eyewear is distinctive in its’ use of high-quality materials and fine jewels, painstaking attention to detail, truly sophisticated design.

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