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Essilor Jupiter Scleral GP Lens

juniperconeAre your rigid gas permeable contact lenses always uncomfortable, but you have an eye condition that doesn't allow you to wear soft bifocal contact lenses or soft contacts don't give you the quality of vision you need? Wish that there was an alternative that offers the comfort of soft contact lenses, but with the stability and clarity of vision of rigid gas permeable lenses? The Essilor Jupiter Scleral Lens may be the contact lens for you.
Scleral lenses are enlarged contact lenses meant to pass over the cornea and rest on the sclera, or white part, of the eye. Because it never touches the cornea, this type of lens is ideal for patients that are unusually sensitive to traditional lenses that rest on the cornea, and those with keratoconus or other types of eye conditions that would normally make contact lens wear difficult or impossible. These lenses are also made with a highly oxygen permeable polymer that allows essential oxygen in so that the eye can “breathe” properly.

The Essilor Jupiter Lens We Offer in Northwest Houston Is Ideal For:

Patients with high refractive errors (very poor vision)
Those with irregular corneas
People who have keratoconus that has reached an advanced stage which precludes normal contact lens wear.
Those whose cornea has suffered some trauma that causes sensitivity to light or other visual sensitivities.
Patients who require contact lenses post surgery.
The Essilor Jupiter lens allows anyone and everyone to experience clear, comfortable vision for up to 14 hours a day, even those who never thought they'd be able to wear contacts again!
For more information, contact us at Optomedica Eye Consultants in Northwest Houston, Texas today.